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Silicone Storage Bag, Sealed Frozen Food Bag, Thickened Ziplock Refrigerator Storage Bag

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Product information:

Size: 195*185
Number of pieces: 1

Material: Silicone

Color classification: [preservation + sealing + leakproof] semi-permeable girl powder 1000ML [preservation + sealing + leak-proof] semi-permeable lake blue 1000ML [preservation + sealing + leak-proof] semi-permeable turquoise 1000ML [preservation + sealing + leak-proof 】Translucent color 1000ML 【Keep fresh + sealed + leakproof】Semi-permeable girl powder 500ML 【Keep fresh + sealed + leakproof】Semi-permeable lake blue 500ML 【Keep fresh + sealed + leakproof】Semi-permeable turquoise 500ML 【Keep fresh + sealed +Leak-proof]Translucent color 500ML [Fresh+Sealed+Leak-proof]Semi-permeable girl powder 1500ML [Fresh+Sealed+Leak-proof]Semi-permeable lake blue 1500ML [Fresh+Sealed+Leak-proof]Semi-permeable turquoise 1500ML 【 Preservation + Seal + Leakproof] Translucent Color 1500ML [Thickening Style] Cool Blue 2000ml [Thickening Style] Translucent Natural Color 2000ml [Thickening Style] Ning Blue 2000ml [Thickening Style] Water Pink 2000ml [Thickening Style Style] Cool Blue 1000ml [Thickened Style] Cool Blue 1500ml [Thickened Style] Ning Blue 1000ml [Thickened Style] Ning Blue 1500ml [Thickened Style] Semi-transparent Natural Color 1000ml [Thickened Style] Semi-transparent Natural Color 1500ml [Thickening Type] Water Pink 1000ml [Thickening Type] Water Pink 1500ml
Fresh-keeping bag category: bagged
Item No.: Food preservation bag


Packing list:

Silicone fresh-keeping bag*1

Product Image:

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